Update your miner and wallet
  We are investigating issues in the backend. Your shares and hashrate are safe and we will fix things ASAP.

  • Payouts disabled, you will not receive any coins to your offline wallet for the time being
  • Hard Fork
    posted 06/30/2018 13:48:26 by admin

    Before the start of the hard-fork, there are 4 days left.

    Brief instruction on the transition to the new version of the algorithm of the network cryply (CRP) user's wallet.

    In order for you to work a new wallet, you must follow all the instructions.


    0. Save the wallet.dat
    1. Download the new Cryply wallet by following the link https://github.com/cryply/cryply-wallet/releases
    2. Replace the existing version of the wallet with a new one. After the hard-core, you will not need to exchange your coins. As many coins as you had in your purse before the hardcore will remain after the hardcore.
    A short instruction on the continuation of the extraction of coins after the transition to the new version of the algorithm of the network cryply (CRP).
    1. To continue the extraction of coins:
     1.1. Register on one of the official pools: pool.cryply.io or cryply.luckypool.org
      1.2. download the new miner by clicking on the link https://github.com/cryply/cryply-cli-miner/releases. 
           The parameters for running the miner. \ Miner-sse4.exe -o stratum: //cryply.luckypool.org: 9996 -u your.username -p password
      1.3 You can also use the GUI miner LAMBOMAKER. download the new miner by clicking on the link https://github.com/cryply/cryply-lambo-maker/releases (the link will be activated after June 30, 2018)

    A brief guide for owners of pools for the extraction of coins after the transition to a new version of the algorithm of the network cryply (CRP).
    If you are the owner of the pool and can not independently configure the pool for work on the new algorithm, contact the coin developers in the official channels presented at https://cryply.io/

    Now you are ready for hard fork.

    Brief instructions for miner

    Miner is configured under 4 basic processor instructions

    Miner automatically switches to the new algorithm at the time of the hardfork
    You can now start to mine using the new miner.
    No intervention is required in the work of the miner during the algorithm change

    A list of supported arguments is available when you run the miner with the --help switch.

    The miner is started by the command
    miner-sse4.exe --password <PASSWORD> --threads <THREADS> - url <URL> --username <USER>
    for example (the pool administrator account pool.cryply.io)
    , \ miner-sse4.exe -o layer: //pool.cryply.io: 3344 -u admin.u -p x -t 10

    If you do not specify the number of cores, the miner himself determines what number of physical cores you have and starts to mine them
    After hardfork on logical cores it is not recommended to mine
    A total hash value when booting on physical cores is higher than when starting on physical + logical cores.

    The miner has a built-in donation
    How does an integrated donation work?
    5 minutes after the start mint to the CRP Donat address
    Then 95 minutes to the user entered CRP address
    every 100 minutes the cycle is repeated
    The funds obtained from this miner are used for the further development and maintenance of Cryply products


    Обход блокировки майнинга в РФ
    posted 04/24/2018 08:56:51 by admin

    Инструкция для майнеров из РФ(если пулы не доступны по причине блокировки ркн)

    открываем сайт https://www.socks-proxy.net/(или любой другой где есть бесплатные(или платные) socks5 proxy)

    Выбираем любой понравившийся socks5 прокси который не находится в РФ

    Качаем майнер с пула(опт может и работает с носками - не проверял)


    Открываем файл conf.json

    Добавляем возможность работы с прокси

    , "proxy": "socks5://"

    т.е. полная строка должна выглядеть следующим образом(для примера брал свой акаунт):

    {"user": "admin.u", "pass": "x", "url": "stratum+tcp://pool.cryply.io:3344", "threads": "1", "proxy": "socks5://"}

    Сохраняем файл

    Запускаем StartMining.bat

    начинаем майнить)))

    Новые каналы для Cryply!
    posted 04/19/2018 06:25:44 by admin

    В связи с блокировкой телеграмма в России  и  закрытием чатов Cryply [Ru] , CRYPLY [DE], Cryply [ES], Cryply [EN]


    Приглашаем в новый Free телеграмм канал 

    <p style="box-sizing: border-box; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; color: rgb(53, 60, 65); font-family: Roboto, " helvetica="" neue",="" helvetica,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;="">
    Free Cryply [RU] http://t.me/freecryplyru
    Free Cryply [ES] http://t.me/freecryplyes
    Free Cryply [DE] http://t.me/freecryplyde
    Free Cryply [EN] http://t.me/freecryplyen


    Обратите внимание  на новые правила общения в чатах

    Правила свободного  телеграм чата Crypto Commune Cryply Free Cryply [RU]:


    • Без паники! Это случилось потому, что Здравый Смысл ушел на обед и теперь каждый день в чате случайным образом будет выберется участник получающий 10 CRP. 
    • В чате можно общаться на любые темы кроме политики и религии

    • Побольше флуда если у вас с собой много CRP. 
    • В чате можно ругаться матом если вы очень богаты, каждое матерное слово наказывается штрафом в 50 CRP или молчанкой на сутки.  В случае рецидива на 100 CRP или молчанкой на неделю. 
    • Разрешены разговоры о крипто религии и вере в Крипто Иисуса
    • Разрешены ссоры и взаимные оскорблений в чате по предварительно оплаченному прейскуранту от 50 CRP за мат от 25 CRP за прочие оскорбления. Причем 50% от суммы причерченного морального вреда идут оскорбленному участнику на счет. 

    • Побольше рекламы других монет и спама предварительно оплаченного и согласованного с администраторами от 10 CRP за сообщение или ссылку. 
    • Стикеры ЛЮБЫЕ приличные, за стикеры похабного содержания накладывается штраф в 50 CRP или молчанка на 1 сутки.
    • В чате приветствуется оказание платных услуг друг другу за CRP.

    • Участники активно помогающие другим наполняющие телеграм канал интересной и полезной информацией будут получать вознаграждение в CRP от администрации Crypto Commune Cryply в CRP.

    Updates from Cryply!!!
    posted 04/19/2018 06:25:08 by admin

    Due to block of Telegram in Russia and closing of following chats Cryply [Ru], CRYPLY [DE], Cryply [ES], Cryply [EN] - we invite you to a new telegram channel 

    Free Cryply [RU] http://t.me/freecryplyru
    Free Cryply [ES] http://t.me/freecryplyes
    Free Cryply [DE] http://t.me/freecryplyde
    Free Cryply [EN] http://t.me/freecryplyen

    Please carefully read our new chat rules.
    Chat rules of Free telegram chat Crypto Commune Cryply Free Cryply [RU]

    - No panic! Every day a random member of group will be chosen to receive 10 CRP - it only happens because the Logic is takin a nap =)
    - It is allowed to talk about any topic, but politics and religion
    - If you got lot's of CRP - please flud more =)
    - It is allowed to swear if you are very rich. Every swear word is panished with 50 CRP fine and mute for 24 hours. Every next one will be panished with 100 CRP fine and mute for 7 days.

    - Conflics and mutual abuse are strongly encouraged, but only with a prepaid amount of CRP. Price of such kind of activities is following: 50 CRP per swear word and every general abuse is panished with 25 CRP fine. 50% of the fine will be sent to insulted person.

    - Please advertise any kind of coins and spam as much as possible - you have to first talk about that with chat admins. Price is starting from 10 CRP per message/link
    - ANY kind of adequate stickers are allowed. Stickers with adult contents will be panished with 50 CRP fine and mute for 24 hours
    - We strongly encourage providing any kind of paid service in chat. CRP is required to be used as value exchange medium for these services.
    - Active chat members and those who post userful and interesting infromation in this chat will be rewarded with CRP by administration of CryptoCommune